The most important benefit of solar power is that residents can expect lessened environmental impact. Currently, most of our energy comes from coal and other non-renewable sources, but when these run out, there will be nothing left for future generations. Climate change is another one of the main reasons why solar panels are increasing in popularity. Electricity generation is the leading cause of air pollution in Australia, which can also damage the agricultural industry and affect our clean water supply. More and more people are realizing how much they can reduce their impact on the environment with solar power. Not only that, but after installing solar solutions Users also expect a drop in their power bills.

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Extreme Resolution Services is an affordable provider of solar solution. We’re proud to be helping to make clean energy available to Pakistan homes, businesses, schools and government organization. The company started as a small, local business relying on word of mouth, and has grown to become one of the most reliable providers of solar solutions. With an emphasis on clean and affordable energy, the goal is to make solar energy available to everyone. Providing innovative and efficient energy solutions, We helps clients find the best solar solutions for their homes and commercial properties. Make the switch to solar today

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Extreme Resolution Strives To Be The Best of the Best, And We Go Great Lengths To Provide Each One Of Our Customers With Service That Exceeds Their Expectations

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Our Idea Vision At ERS is For Every Home and Business To Have Green Power with Best Quality Products at Affordable Prices

We are a leading solar and renewable energy company dedicated to providing sustainable solutions for a greener world.

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Residential Solar

A cost-effective energy option for homes, providing self-reliable generation as an alternative to conventional energy sources.

Industrial Solar

We pioneers cutting-edge solutions, custom-crafted for diverse industries, setting new standards for efficiency and performance

Commercial Solar

An eco-friendly, affordable energy option for hospitals, offices, schools, and more, helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Agricultural Solar

Extreme Resolution Services provide farmers with an eco-friendly way to meet their energy needs by harnessing the sun's power.


We guarantee to deliver top-tier solar panels from top solar panel companies from around the globe.

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